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A free, Web-based personal financial service for Nigerians.

Pickup & Ride

Connecting the child with their parents to pick them from their school

Mab Connection

Music auction app where the recorder Or artist can share their tunes

About Affan

Software Engineering & Design Experience made me a UX designer.

Affan Ahmad here, a passionate, energetic and self motivated designer who combines rapid prototyping, interaction and visual design to transform complicated and confused problems into amazing and elegant solutions.
My working style goes beyond conventional interaction patterns and visual styles. I specialize in Human Computer Interaction and in consumer products that distill complex data into simple and beautiful visualizations. With my extensive experience while working in DOBSWARE with engineers, executives, and marketing teams, I know how to ensure user needs are aligned with business goals.

You can do thousand lines of code but code without visual design just like body without soul.

Affan Ahmad


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